Stage-5 Probation Period(Mentors Only)

Volunteers offered the GHM Mentor or YPM Mentor role are required to undertake a probationary period volunteering in Group Mentoring & Events prior to being matched with a mentee. This gives GHM the opportunity to monitor whether you have fully understood the mentoring theory and practice, and the GreenHouse Mentoring way of working. This probation period, which is a minimum of 2 sessions, helps us to match mentors and mentees more successfully. It also gives volunteers additional confidence which is useful for their first 1-to-1 relationship.

You will be given the opportunity to help select the area(s) in which to conduct your probationary period. The GHM Manager (with input from GHM staff members) will decide the length of probation based on your performance during the training or DBS disclosure.

Upon completion of your probation period, you will then be ready to be matched-up with a suitable mentee.