Expenses Claim Explanation

This revised GreenHouse Mentoring volunteer expenses procedure comes into force on 01 July 2014.
For clarification, this guidance note sets out below the financial year’s claim deadlines along with some frequently asked expenses questions from GreenHouse Mentoring volunteers.

Taking austerity measures into account, potential GHM volunteers without a declared disability, then GHM Expenses can only be claimed and reimbursed once the potential volunteer becomes a fully vetted GHM volunteer.To be classified as a fully vetted GHM volunteer, the individual must:

  • Complete the relevant training sessions (in person or via distance learning)
  • Provide two acceptable character references
  • Have a valid GHM DBS disclosure
  • Have received a GHM volunteer pack & I.D card and returned the following:
    • Signed Confidentiality Agreement
    • Completed Emergency Medical Form
    • Completed Volunteer Agreement
    • Completed Safe 2 Grow Declaration form
    • Completed the GHM Policy Acceptance Matrix

However, a potential volunteer who possess a disability and requires paid-for transportation to attend GHM activities can claim and receive reimbursement in line with current expense claim procedures.

The deadline for claim submission has now been changed to the following days in each quarter for clarity. The dates are as follows:

  • Quarter One deadline – 30th June (current year)
  • Quarter Two deadline – 30th Sept (current year)
  • Quarter Three deadline – 23rd Dec (current year)
  • Quarter Four deadline – 31st Mar (subsequent year)

Expenses must be received and acknowledged by a GreenHouse Mentoring staff member (by means of signature) by close of play on the final working day of the quarter (see above dates) in order to qualify for re-imbursement. Any exceptions to this must be discussed with the GHM Manager directly.