Becoming a Mentor

As a child or young person you may remember an adult who you looked up to and thought was all right. Someone who listened to you, understood where you were coming from, who didn’t judge you when things went wrong, someone who looked out for you: a mentor.

The Goals and Aims of Mentoring

GreenHouse Mentoring aims to provide mentors to help identified young people to reach achievable goals. A mentor helps enable the young person to take responsibility for their actions and helps them to unlock their potential both socially and academically.

Mentors take an interest in both the positive and negative aspects of the young person’s life. If school/college attendance were an issue, the mentor would focus on this and its causes. The mentor may help their mentee in making choices about exams and careers. A mentor would encourage any skills and hobbies a young person may have, and help to develop new ones.

By meeting regularly with a mentor, an identified young person will be given the chance to strengthen and develop their social and behavioural skills through a mentoring friendship. Mentors are consistent in both character and reliability. The relationship developed between mentor and mentee is based on honesty and openness. It is a non-judgmental friendship with boundaries that develop Trust and Consistency.

Above all, a mentor should provide a young person with greater self-confidence, better social awareness, and reduce the risk of disruption within school life.

GreenHouse Mentoring and You

We are always looking for people to become mentors. There is a need for adults (over 18) to befriend and support young people in Luton; we just need people to do it! By volunteering, you would be committing to meeting a young person for an hour a week for a minimum of a year. You would be provided with both training and support.

Mentoring is a very rewarding and exciting thing to do. You would be providing a young person with a reliable friend who they can trust and share with. Someone who won’t let them down. Someone who will help them reach their potential.