Update on the New Normal – 16 Jun 2020

Dear Referrers

We are writing to update you on the changes that GreenHouse Mentoring has made in order to continue to help young people in Luton.  Please pass on to the most appropriate persons in your organisation.
Firstly, to confirm we remain open providing TeleMentoring Services – this is Mentoring via Telephone, Tablet or The Computer, using tools such as Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.  The attached document is our code of conduct for Mentors and we have also attached the GHM News from April, where we described TeleMentoring further.
Secondly, we are still not able to provide Group Mentoring Services as our Facilities at the GreenHouse are closed because of the pandemic and are unlikely to re-open before September.
Thirdly, we have tentatively re-opened our service to receive referrals BUT we will no longer accept referrals via the old form – please destroy any copies you may have.  We will only accept referrals online in future – https://greenhousementoring.org.uk/referral-form/.  We will be keeping a careful monitor on numbers of referrals and, should the numbers become too high, we will suspend the form until we have capacity to help.
Lastly, we have adjusted and streamlined some of our procedures:

  • we have decided to concentrate our Mentoring focus in the future to be outside of the School setting, therefore once existing in-school based relationships are completed, we will no longer offer this option.   We will, however, offer the option of TeleMentoring as a service to those unable to visit our Stopsley Centre.
  • we have limited referrals to ages 8-18, unless the young person is over 18 and has learning disabilities
  • we have adjusted our rules on Gender Matching 
Updated Gender Matching Statement
    • Our normal practice is to match Mentees to the next Available, Suitable Mentor.
    • For those in Primary School this could be any available gender of Volunteer. 
    • For High School Mentees, our preference is to match with the same gender, however the option is always open for the Parent, Guardian or Carer to request a specific gender for those that are uncomfortable with our normal preference.
    • We are always open  to discuss the choice of gender with the Mentee’s Parent, Guardian or Carer.
We hope the above makes sense.  Please do feel free to contact us on either of the numbers below, if you would like to discuss further.

Ian & Sue

GHM Managers – Sue & Ian Pirks
GreenHouse Mentoring
The GreenHouse, 16-22 St Thomas’s Road
Stopsley, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 7UY

tel:    01582 528213                         email:      ian.pirks@stopsley.net
mob: 07515 276586                         Website:  http://greenhousementoring.org.uk/