From a Parent …

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank-you to the GreenHouse Mentoring Project & the fantastic team you have there.

I truly believe that from the offer of your support at a very difficult time in our lives & providing XXXXXX with a mentor who has always been a positive & consistent role model has contributed to the confident young man he has become today.

The kindness & commitment shown by YYYYY helped to transform a frustrated & angry young boy to a mature & grounded young man.  He has been supported in learning how to manage his emotions in a healthy way, which helped him through more challenges as he grew.

XXXXXX’s future is looking bright, he is currently studying Electrical Installations at college & has passed all of his exams so far.

The service you provide changes lives.  As you know I work within the mental health industry.  I am more than aware tht without your help & input at that time XXXXXX like many of his generation could have been drawn into alcohol & drug abuse, crime or experienced psychological problems later in life.

So thank you again, keep up the great work & please do not hesitate to contact me if we can help in any way by sharing our story.”


“Been a mentor for about 2/3 years. Have really enjoyed my time here. It has even resulted in me changing my career path”

Best Thing About Being a Mentor? – “Been able to offer encouragement in a non-bias way.  A sense of achievement and gained more experience overall.  Trying my best to leave the mentee with a smile. Being able to be an ‘Ear’ and just listen.  Being able to offer advice or suggestions in a non-bias way.  Meeting someone who I would never have met.”


“Peter didn’t go to school much, he didn’t seem to care about his GCSE’s.  He wanted to be a physiotherapist, but it was only when he was referred to GreenHouse Mentoring that he understood that he wouldn’t have the grades for this unless he changed.  Meeting weekly with his GreenHouse Mentor Peter began to work through his situation and to plan his future.  Peter is now a fully qualified nurse and on his way to achieving his ambitions.”