Group Mentoring & Events

GreenHouse Mentoring provides two different forms of Group Mentoring:

  • Skills & Activity Clubs – On the first, third and possibly fourth Wednesday of every month we have a Group Mentoring Club where children and young people who have been referred come to participate in fun learning sessions, hang out, play games with others (max 15-18 at one time) who are also in the same situation. Clubs are arranged for each age group so that young people can attend once a month. ……Read More
  • Skills Sessions – We have three different Skills Sessions – Dealing With Anger, Basic Social Skills & Self Esteem – for children from 8 to 13 years old. This service is free of charge and is a fun and casual way to help children learn more about these topics. Parents are encouraged to come along with the children and have a go if mutually happy to do so. Each session is for 6-8 young people. ……Read More