Our Services

We provide quality, trained, screened volunteers from diverse backgrounds who choose to consistently meet with, mentor and help referred young people in Luton to take responsibility for their actions, improve their social skills and become more self-confident and resilient.

We love to treat everyone in a uniquely personal way and help them to unlock their potential.
Our service is free to Service Users and Referrers alike.

The Main Services we provide are:

One-to-One Mentoring

Trained & Screened GreenHouse Mentors will meet with a young person for about an hour each week during term time (and sometimes, by agreement, in the holidays too). Activities can be pool; learning a craft, bar football, doing a Mentoring Module together, meeting at our GHM cafe, computer games, … in fact anything that the mentor, young person and GHM agree on!…….Read More

Young Parent Mentoring

We also support both young mothers and fathers up to the age of 25, however, we will try our best to help older individuals in special circumstances if they feel they could benefit from having a mentor…….Read More

English Corner Mentoring

Runs, as required, normally Saturdays at the GreenHouse. It is a perfect opportunity for adults and children, whose first language is not English, to come and join in casual chats and get help with written English or help with completing forms with one of our friendly volunteers to gain confidence and to practice English…….Read More

Group Mentoring

GreenHouse Mentoring provides two different forms of Group Mentoring:

  • Skills & Activity Clubs – On the first, third and possibly fourth Wednesday of every month we have a Group Mentoring Club where children and young people who have been referred come to participate in fun learning sessions, hang out, play games with others (max 15-18 at one time) who are also in the same situation. Clubs are arranged for each age group so that young people can attend once a month. ……Read More
  • Skills Sessions – We have three different Skills Sessions – Dealing With Anger, Basic Social Skills & Self Esteem – for children from 8 to 13 years old. This service is free of charge and is a fun and casual way to help children learn more about these topics. Parents are encouraged to come along with the children and have a go if mutually happy to do so.Each session is for 6-8 young people……. Read More

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