GreenHouse Mentoring works in collaboration with the following organisations/agencies:

See also the SMART SAFE Twitter page!

They update this page regularly with up-to-date alcohol and drug information specific to Luton.

We also update the page with tips on how to stay safe and the *new* laws that come into play such as the ban on NPS (Legal Highs).

This is a very helpful tool for adults, professionals and students, so click that follow button!

Kind Regards, Claire Peter | Alcohol & Drug Worker (Schools)


53-55 Cardiff Road | Luton | LU1 1PP

Phone 01582 657 558|Fax 01582 452617

SMART has now merged with alcohol services for the community (asc) and all services are now provided by SMART.

You can access our website for advice and information for service users, families and  You can also donate via the website should you wish to support our services


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