Information for Young People/Potential Mentees

What is a Mentor?

Mentors are unpaid adult volunteers who want to give up their time to meet with you.

A Mentor is simply someone who:

  • You can talk to & trust;
  • Who will listen to you;
  • Who will give you some time each week;
  • Who is independent of school and your parents/guardians

Within certain limits, (which they will tell you about) they’ll keep what is said between you confidential. A Mentor may not know all the answers, but they will listen to you!

What will I do with my Mentor?

What you and your mentor do is largely up to you.You may:

  • Sit and chat;
  • Go for a walk;
  • have something to eat;
  • Play some sport or game

….or do something else … whatever you and your Mentor decide!