Information for Parents/Guardians/Carers

Who are the Mentors?

Mentors are unpaid volunteers who come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a whole host of experiences. Before becoming a Mentor, each person goes through a thorough vetting process including an interview, references, Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) check and training.

Aims of Mentoring

A Mentor

  • Will try to help a young person to unlock their potential;
  • Will take an interest in the Mentee academically;
  • May help their Mentee in making choices about exams and carers;
  • Will encourage any skills and hobbies the Mentee has and may help to develop new ones;
  • Will try to improve the Mentee’s confidence & social awareness

GreenHouse Mentors are consistent in both character and reliability. The relationship developed is a non-judgmental friendship based on honesty and openness.

GreenHouse Mentoring and You

Mentoring cannot take place without parents/guardians/carers consent. Whilst your child is part of GreenHouse mentoring, we will monitor progress and check that he/she and their Mentor are happy with each other and wish to continue meeting.

The Mentor will not cost you or your family any money at all. However, it will cost you slightly in both time and commitment. The mentor will be giving up valuable time to be with your child, so we will expect you to encourage the child to meet them at the agreed times and provide transportation for the child to and from the meeting venue where applicable.

Please arrange for a GreenHouse Mentoring Mentee Referral Form to be completed, preferably by a Health professional, School or Social Worker, and returned to us should you wish your child to be referred.  If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to contact GreenHouse Mentoring at any time. Please refer to the Group Mentoring & Events page for information on other GHM related opportunities.

From time to time we post information that we think Parents would appreciate on our Parents page – Link to Parents Page