Information For Mentee Referrers

The Mentoring & Befriending Foundation describes mentoring as a ‘one-to-one’ relationship that supports the growth and development of an individual. GreenHouse Mentoring is offering young people the chance to experience this kind of relationship, and in so doing help them unlock their potential. By meeting regularly with a Mentor, for a minimum of a year, an identified young person will be given the chance to improve their social and behavioural skills through a mentoring friendship.

Who are the Mentors?

Mentors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, with a whole host of experience. They vary in age and culture; in fact they come from every walk of life! Before becoming a GreenHouse Mentoring Mentor, each person goes through a thorough selection process. This includes interview, references, DBS enhanced disclosure and volunteer training. If this process is successfully completed, the mentor is carefully matched with a young person. Together they then decide when and where they will meet, what they will talk about and want to achieve, and how things should proceed. This is all done in consultation with both the school and parents/guardians/carers. GreenHouse Mentoring Mentors are consistent in both character and reliability. The relationship developed is based on honesty and openness. It is a non-judgmental friendship with boundaries that develop trust and consistency.

The Goals and Aims of Mentoring

GreenHouse Mentoring aims to provide Mentors for identified and referred young people to help them to reach achievable goals. A Mentor would encourage the young person to take responsibility for their actions and help them to fulfil their potential both socially and academically. The Mentor would take an active interest in how school or college is going, both the positive and negative aspects. If attendance were an issue, the Mentor would explore this and its causes. The Mentor may help the young person in making choices about exams and carers. A Mentor would encourage the development of any skills and hobbies the young person may have, and help to identify new ones. Above all, a Mentor aims to provide a young person with greater self-confidence and better social awareness, so reducing the risk of disruption within their academic and social lives.

GreenHouse Mentoring and your organisation

GreenHouse Mentoring is a free service. However, we will only be able to offer a limited number of places, as we are keen to put the emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, we would ask each referral organisation to prioritise appropriate young people for Mentoring. Our aim is to complement and assist you in the development, nurture and achievement of your Service Users. When and where the young person is met will be decided in consultation with both you and the parents/guardians/carers.

We prefer that referrals come from professionals i.e. from schools, the Health Service or Social Services.  Please complete and return a GreenHouse Mentoring Mentee Referral Form to us should you wish to make a mentee referral. If you have any more queries or questions, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.