GHM Policies

Health and Safety

GHM aims to ensure its volunteers and service users are safe and not exposed to physical or mental health risks when involved in GHM activities. Volunteers in particular must adhere to the GHM health and safety protocols and related guidelines whenever they are engaged in activities. For further information, please refer to The H&S policy statement, GHM_Health_&_Safety_Policy, Lone Working Procedure and Venue Risk Assessment.

Equal Opportunities

GHM is committed to developing and maintaining an organisation in which differing ideas, abilities, backgrounds and needs are valued. GHM aims to give opportunity to those with diverse backgrounds and experiences to participate and contribute, wherever this does not increase risks to others involved in the organisation in any way. For further information please see the Equal Opportunities Policy

Confidentiality/ Privacy Notice

GHM (and our volunteers) often have access to sensitive information relating to service users’, so care must be taken to keep all such information confidential. For further information please see the Confidentiality Policy and GHM Retention Periods and GHM Privacy Notice for further information.


GHM aims to recruit, train and screen volunteers to help children and young people in the Luton area unlock their potential. Please refer to the Volunteer Policy and the Volunteering area of our website for further details.

Grievance and Disciplinary

For further information please see the Grievance Policy or the Disciplinary Policy & Procedure.


GHM can reimburse expenses incurred by volunteers on agreed GHM activities. Please see the Expenses Claim Procedure for further details. If you are a volunteer and unsure about whether an expense can be claimed, please refer to the Volunteer Expenses area of our website or alternatively, contact GreenHouse Mentoring who will be able to advise you.


GreenHouse Mentoring is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of both our service users & volunteers and in particular the transportation of service users to & from GreenHouse Mentoring Activities and Events. Please see the SBC Safeguarding Policy and the GHM Child Protection Procedures, the Online & Phone Safeguarding Policy and the GHM Transportation Procedures Policy for further details. Please also refer to the GHM Photographic Policy for guidance on the capturing of images or film of service users and the GHM Misuse of Substances Policy

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