Q.How long has GreenHouse Mentoring been going?

The initial project started in 2000 as the Pupil Support Project but was renamed GreenHouse Mentoring in November 2002 at the opening of the GreenHouse Youth Centre.

Q.Do you have a web site?

Yes we do – just Google “GreenHouse Mentoring”

Q.How is GreenHouse Mentoring funded?

We are funded by our supporters & volunteers & application to Trust Funds – you will find more details on the web page under Fund Raising.

Q.Can anybody refer someone to GreenHouse Mentoring?

We will consider a referral from any adult who believes a child will benefit from mentoring. However, we prefer referrals to come from Schools, the NHS and other professional bodies or organisations.

Q.Where can I find a Referral Form?

The latest version of the Referral Form is always to be found on the home page of the web site.

Q.Do you give reports on the relationship?

Yes we can– however due to the confidential nature of the relationship between the Mentee and their Mentor, reporting is of a general nature unless:
a) There are specific Safeguarding concerns or
b) An agreement was struck between Referrer, Mentee and GHM before the relationship was started.

Q.Do GHM provide transport to mentoring meetings?

Unfortunately, we are not in a position to organise transport to mentoring. Some limited expenses can be claimed by Volunteers for their travel.

Q.Where are mentoring meetings held?

Mentoring relationships are normally held in Schools or the GreenHouse. Other locations may be pre-approved once a relationship is established.

Q.How long does it take to get a mentor?

Following the introduction of Referral Interviews and Group Mentoring, GHM intend to:
a) Meet with the young person and their representative within a month of receiving the referral form;
b) Offer a Group Mentoring opportunity (where suitable) at the Referral Interview to take place within a month of the interview.
Whilst the young person is attending Group Mentoring, a search for a suitable, available One to One Mentor will be initiated.
Young people that are judged by GHM and their representative to not be able to benefit from Group Mentoring, will be scheduled for One to One Mentoring.
GHM operates same sex mentoring once a young person is attending High School.

The time to provide a One to One Mentor depends on a number of factors: age, sex, location, availability, culture, likes and the issues that they have been referred for.For the most difficult groups to match this can take 6-9 months.

Q. Where do your Mentors Come From?

All our Mentors are Volunteers or Staff Members. Volunteers come from a wide range of backgrounds, cultures and faiths.

Q. How do you make sure that your Volunteers are safe?

All our mentoring volunteers are required to attend 8, 2 hour sessions – 2 of which cover Safeguarding and Lone Working. Volunteers must also have an acceptable enhanced DBS certificate and two acceptable character references from people who have known them for 2 years and are not immediate family. Volunteers are screened over the course of the 8 weeks training and via at least two further supervised sessions with children present.

Q. Are your Mentors supervised?

Yes – All our Mentors are assigned a Supervisor – normally a Staff Member. Supervisors are expected to maintain contact with their Volunteers on at least a monthly basis.

Q. How long does a relationship last?

The average length of a relationship is 1½ years but the length will depend on a number of factors. Volunteers are asked to commit to a year of mentoring at the outset and the young person has this explained to them at the start up meeting.

Q. What training is provided and what is the cost?

All our training is free. Attendees are invited to donate to GHM if they are able.
The main training for Mentors is the Introduction to Mentoring Course. This was initially based on the National Mentoring

Network syllabus and has been enhanced through mentoring experience and augmented with additional Safeguarding and other information. It consists of Group Working with feedback, role plays, videos and lecture style training. The course runs over 8 weeks, 2 hours per week.

In addition, each year up to 4 Further Training sessions are scheduled in related subjects. In recent years the following have been delivered:

Mentoring Masterclass – this is stage 2 of our mentoring training
Bullying Bereavement
Autism Awareness Internet Safety/ Cyber Bullying
Drugs Cultural Awareness
Child Development Young People & Money
Dealing with Anger Time Management

The Introduction to Mentoring Course has also been offered to organisations wishing to give their staff an appreciation of mentoring (prices on application).