About Us/Referrals

GreenHouse Mentoring was started in late 2000 by Dave Steell who was the Stopsley Baptist Church Youth Pastor at the time. It was originally called the ‘Pupil Support Project’ and was funded via the On Track/Children’s Fund.

In 2002, the project was named GreenHouse Mentoring.As the project grew and developed, Chloe Stirling-Smith was appointed Manager [2001-2003] and implemented the beginnings of the volunteer training programme and was also instrumental in the project gaining National Mentoring Network Approved Provider status in October 2003.

Sue Pirks then replaced Chloe as Manager in 2004 and set about transforming the project from the ground up. ‘Mentoring & Befriending Foundation’ Approved Provider accreditation was achieved by Sue in December 2006 with re-accreditation achieved in January 2010 and April 2014. Sue was also instrumental in GreenHouse Mentoring gaining ‘Investing in Volunteers Status’ in October 2007 with re-accreditation in April 2011.

GreenHouse Mentoring is funded by donations and financial support from its volunteers and supporters. Five part-time staff members working approximately 100 hours per week co-ordinate the day-to-day running of the project but it is the 100+ fully vetted and trained volunteers – performing many distinct roles – who really make GreenHouse Mentoring what it is today!